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Small changes can make a huge difference. Dedicated to sustainability we strongly focus on a continuous path to replace and introduce green variants to the essential product portfolio on offer, whilst reducing unnecessary stress on both people and the planet. We have dramatically increased the use of recycled and renewable materials to avoid unnecessary waste. With the aim to encourage customers and colleagues you work with to build a long-term, sustainable relationship with your brand and the products they receive from you. We hope to inspire you with this collection full of both environmentally as well as budget friendly products. Items that offer you and your customers on trend items in all major product categories along with a complete decoration and print service, hands-on ideas and tips for the new and exciting products displayed.

hi!dea CATALOGUE 2022


COOL 2022

BE CREATIVE is a special product collection that lets you create perfectly customized and truly unique promotional gifts. These items give you the freedom to present your brand with bold, full-colour designs that can be easily integrated into your corporate image. Some of the BE CREATIVE items even give you the opportunity to mix and match the colour and material of the product parts or design your custom shape to make them more outstanding.

ON 2022

A lot of items in the catalogue are produced with recycled, organic and undyed materials or other responsible materials to limit their environmental impact.




The ultimate range of durable and reusable bags for daily use. Available in the widest variety of styles, sizes, after materials and colours. Create the optimum brand impact and choose for the fastest delivery or have your bag custom made for you.


With our extended YourChoice collection, it has never been easier to be different. The YourChoice product programs allow you to create a unique product in just a few simple steps. Think small quantities, short lead-times, competitive prices and fully compliant products, think YourChoice!

Westford Mill

The new season brings a fresh new collection of bags and accessories for Westford Mill . With 15 carefully crafted products including stylish totes, beach bags, gymsacs, accessory pouches and more: there’s a new season style to suit every eco-conscious end-user. Retail-ready or ready to decorate, this latest collection offers ample opportunities for rebranding while remaining true to our core ethos: uncompromised quality, value and of course, thoughtful design. For fairer trade. For stronger communities. For sustainable development. For greener farming. For environmentally friendly materials. For reduced carbon emissions. For improved workers’ rights. For the planet. For everyone. Forever.


A journey through the colors of shopping. An assortment of materials, fabrics and models. Innovative design and production techniques. High capacity warehouse. All this is Handle, the brand carrying your name.


THE RESPONSIBLE WAY TO CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE. This collection of daily enjoyable functional items is carefully assessed to increase brand-awareness whilst assuring a respectful use of materials and a longerlasting product. Ensuring that our actions incorporate these beliefs means rethinking every step of the product development process and our entire operation. Integrating sustainability in the material selection, production, personalisation and packaging methods are examined and potential improvements are continuously implemented. We are committed to conduct business in a responsible and trustworthy manner. RESPONSIBLE COLLECTION More sustainable materials. Whenever possible, and whilst focussing upon functionality and quality, the more than gifts collection is, where relevant, gradually upgraded or substituted with newer and more sustainable materials. This means selecting high quality materials that are recycled or lend themselves to recycling, materials derived from renewable sources and ethically sourced. The centrepiece of this is supporting our suppliers in implementing innovative processes to produce more sustainable materials. Reduce waste. In the way we interact with our environment, unnecessary waste is no longer an option. Replacing disposable products made of non-renewable resources by reusable products or biodegradable materials is an important step forward. Also rethinking the way we pack and distribute goods give opportunities to reduce waste. As of 2018 we started to streamline box sizes and packaging methods in order to reduce the amount of polybags and cardboard used. Ongoing individual item packaging is being evaluated and streamlined to offer a smarter solution.


We are offering porcelain mugs made of Super White porcelain or New Bone China porcelain. Mugs are available in wide range of colours.


Quality is our top priority. We produce thousands of products every day, all custom made according to wishes of our customers. That is no less true for our USB’s. We have a wide range of USB sticks and hard drives from several premium brands. A USB stick with a print, engraving or a completely personalised hard drive, we deliver it all.


Your company name, brand or marketing activity on a professional badge . Quality is our top priority. We produce thousands of products every day, all custom made according to wishes of our customers. That is no less true for our badges. We have a wide range of badges. Thanks to that, we can always fulfill your wishes. A badge with a print and a removable name or a badge that is completely personalised to your desires, we deliver it all.


Τα τελευταία 30 περίπου χρόνια, η εταιρεία SOL’S φιλοδοξεί να προσφέρει σε καθέναν ξεχωριστά ένα μοντέρνο και ποιοτικό μέσο για να εκφράζει τη μοναδικότητά του. Η SOL’S αξιοποιεί την τεχνογνωσία και το πάθος της, για να δημιουργεί κολεξιόν και να σχεδιάζει χρήσιμες και καινοτόμες υπηρεσίες που αποσκοπούν στη βελτίωση της απόδοσης των επιχειρήσεων που την επιλέγουν. Η ομάδα της SOL’S απαρτίζεται από λάτρεις της μόδας που εμπνέονται από τις τελευταίες τάσεις readyto- wear για να δημιουργήσουν κολεξιόν με προϊόντα στα οποία προβλέπεται η εκτύπωση μηνυμάτων για προωθητικές ενέργειες. Ως εκ τούτου, τα υλικά, οι γραμμές και το φινίρισμα επιλέγονται με γνώμονα την άνεση, το στυλ αλλά τη δυνατότητα προσαρμογής των προϊόντων στις εκάστοτε ανάγκες. Έχοντας ως σκοπό να προσφέρουν σε καθέναν ξεχωριστά ένα αξιόπιστο μέσο επικοινωνίας, οι άνθρωποι της SOL’S αναζητούν διαρκώς τις πιο καινοτόμες ιδέες και την καλύτερη δυνατή ποιότητα.


HUGO BOSS is one of the market leaders in the premium and luxury segment of the global apparel market. The Company focuses on the development and the marketing of premium fashion and accessories for men and women. The brand world of HUGO BOSS comprises the collections of BOSS, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and HUGO, targeting clearly defined consumer groups. The brands cover a comprehensive product range encompassing classic to modern apparel, elegant eveningwear and sportswear, shoes & leather accessories in all product ranges. Additionally licensed products including fragrances, eyewear, watches, children’s fashion, writing instruments & accessories, home textiles and mobile accessories enhance each brand. In its art sponsorship activities, HUGO BOSS underscores the common ground that art and fashion share with respect to design, esthetics and creativity. A key initiative is the HUGO BOSS Prize honoring extraordinary creative talents in contemporary art. The prize has been awarded since 1996 in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum in New York. HUGO BOSS emphasizes high-profile fashion events in the world’s fashion capitals, raising the desirability and acceptance of the HUGO BOSS brands among key target groups, while adding emotional appeal to all HUGO BOSS brands. Go to products

Cerruti 1881

Since its beginnings in 1881, when Antonio Cerruti (Nino’s grandfather) founded his first weaving workshop in Biella, Italy, and until achieving lasting international status as a major fashion brand, Cerruti 1881 has continued to embody quality and style, craftsmanship and technology. Over the decades, Cerruti 1881 has shown that good modern styling should not just be desirable and inspired, but also innovative and sumptuous. Today, Cerruti 1881 produces ready-to-wear lines for men carrying the “Cerruti 1881 Paris” label (fashionable trend and innovative), “Cerruti 1881” label (classic and elegant, formal and casual chic), as well as fragrances, leather goods collections, watches, jewellery, eyewear (sunglasses and corrective eyewear), ties, shoes and writing instruments, as well as a casualwear range and jeans for men and women under the 18CRR81 CERRUTI label. Elegance, luxury and quality are still the bywords of the House, whose style has today become a leading reference in the fashion world. Always at the forefront of textile innovation, avant-garde, yet timeless, the ‘Cerruti 1881’ style is in a class of its own: lightweight, fluid, crease-resistant. The sense of design and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural elegance of the label. The brand’s Cerruti 1881 collections are aimed at men who care about looking their most elegant and for whom the quality of fabric and finishing details are essential.


It all started in 1958 when Jean Bousquet, born in Nîmes, and just qualified as a tailor, came to Paris to launch a small business making women’s trousers. In March 1962, he named his society after a bird from the Camargue: Jean Cacharel, and the year after that he obtained his first great success when the photographer Peter Knapp took a picture of the now legendary crepe pink shirt that ended up on the cover of the magazine Elle. The shirt was then called: Le Cacharel.


Gift Collection

Christian Lacroix

Since the creation of the fashion house in 1987 by LVMH, Christian Lacroix, its then Artistic Director, lays the foundation for a colorful and exuberant baroque unique style, rooted in his birthplace of the city of Arles. Its Hispanic inspirations, colors, innovative forms borrowed from theatrical make a sensation and are a breath of freshness in the fashion circles. Quickly, his creations, like the skirt “poof” are carried by the biggest international stars, including Madonna, Julianne Moore or Uma Thurman. Collections are presented around the world and the most influential writers of the fashion support them. The house took off with the first collections of ready-to-wear in 1988, which included the codes and inspirations of Haute Couture, and with the launch of perfumes and accessories. Store openings followed and fueled the brand to development and international influence. Successive lines of more contemporary ready -to-wear, Bazar and Christian Lacroix Jeans, were driven by an approach of more daily collections with the launch of perfumes in harmony with these collections. Today, under a new artistic direction since 2010, the Christian Lacroix brand is sold in more than 5500 selective outlets worldwide, with collections of products as varied as men’s ready-to-wear, which is developing with success and with a strong identity, and diversified collections of products such as leather goods, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, scarves, ties and fragrance. In the world of Home decor with collections of upholstery fabric, wallpapers, cushions, rugs, porcelain tableware, notebooks and scented candles. The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values. The result is a fabulously richly entwined universe, which can be continually reinterpreted, re-mixed and illuminated. The Christian Lacroix brand is fundamentally contemporary and dynamic. A complete representation of the complete universe of products of the Christian Lacroix brand can be found in the store “mix and match” Place Saint Sulpice in Paris.

Nina Ricci

In 1932, Nina Ricci established her Parisian couture house. A hallmark of elegance, it would become famous for representing femininity via a sophisticated luxuriousness yet intentionally relaxed style. By combining sumptuous materials with soft draping, tailoring and her ability to capture the essence, Nina Ricci became synonymous with contemporary fashion. Her main goal was to channel the personality of every woman; proposing a classic wardrobe that favoured naturalness over ostentation. Masculine products have always been part of the Ricci universe, notably with the Ricci Club boutique, on François 1er Street and the 1989 success of the “Ricci Club” perfume. Born in Turin in 1883, Nina Ricci moved to Monaco with her family. She then settled in Paris, where she spent 20 years refining her art as a couturier and developing her unsurpassed technical expertise. Steeped in Parisian savoir-faire, she pursued her mission to make women look beautiful with a youthful sparkle. When wearing her designs, they appeared subtly fresh and graciously composed; not unlike a flower in bloom.


Nobody should tell the story of the Fashion House Emanuel Ungaro without starting with its founder Emanuel Ungaro. From the age of 5, Emanuel played with the sewing machine, the whole family’s work tool. This provincial life provided him later with the key to his future trade and introduced him to a lifestyle embracing painting and music that has followed him throughout his life. Bolstered by his exceptional creative talent, Emanuel moved to Paris at the age of 22 and started his apprenticeship alongside the Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga. This period taught him rigor, perfection and the eternal search for an ideal in the silence required by the demanding yet generous Master. In 1967, he decided to move his ateliers to Avenue Montaigne. The head offices and flagship store still occupy the same Haussmanian building. Emanuel Ungaro acquired international fame through his incredible sense of colour and mix of unexpected patterns, by the purity of his shapes and the insolence of the details. Today the house Emanuel Ungaro has a new owner. It is now present on all international markets: first of all Europe, cradle of the brand, but also the United States and then Japan were conquered by the brand’s style. Then came the accessories, essential instruments to the brand development. This collection privileges shapes and refined details, developed into models intended for active and modern men, whilst attached to the tradition of Ungaro luxury.